Manuscript Critique Submission Guidelines

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Manuscript Critique Submission Guidelines 


If you have purchased more than one critique, each submission must be emailed separately to the correct email address based on the type of critique and in accordance with the guidelines.


Manuscript Package Specifications

Submit one (1) manuscript package as a Word doc:

  1. A brief cover letter (a half page or less) addressed to selected critique faculty with a synopsis. For picture book manuscripts, no synopsis is required.
  2. The author’s name, title, and page number on each page.
  3. The name on your manuscript must match the name used to register for the conference. No pen names, please.
  4. Name the file “YourLastName.YourFirstName.Title.pdf”
  5. E.g.: “Smith.John.TwinkleTwinkle.pdf”
  6. Save the cover letter, synopsis, and manuscript as one document.
  7. Email manuscript package to the appropriate email address *see below
  8. The first ten (10) pages of a manuscript formatted using standard formatting rules. Any pages over the ten (10) page limit will not be critiqued. Manuscripts should be:
  • Double spaced, in a standard font like 12 point Arial or Times New-Roman
  • One inch margins
  • First line of every paragraph indented half of an inch
  • Do not add an extra space or blank line between paragraphs
  • Do not include a picture book dummy or break picture book manuscripts into individual pages.

In-Person Critiques Email Address:

  • Subject Line: “2024 In-person Critique for CritiqueFacultyLastName by YourLastName YourFirstName”
  • Example: “2024 In-person Critique for Hemingway by Smith John”


E-Critiques Email Address:

  • Subject Line: “2024 E-Critique for CritiqueFacultyLastName by YourLastName YourFirstName”
  • Example: “2024 E-Critique for Hemingway by Smith John”


Genre Submission Tips

  • Picture Books: Picture book manuscripts may not include illustrations and must be limited to ten (10) pages. Attendees may bring a complete dummy to the in-person critique and offer to show it. 
  • Novels (chapter books, middle grade and young adult): Submit a one-page single-spaced synopsis and the first ten (10) pages of your manuscript, even if it cuts off mid-chapter. 


Please note, cover letters and synopses will not be critiqued. They exist only to give the critique faculty a better idea of the story.

Failure to comply with the guidelines or to provide a manuscript within the stated deadline may preclude an Attendee from receiving a critique. No refunds shall be provided. Missed critique appointments cannot be made up or refunded.


In-Person: The deadline to submit your manuscripts via email is before midnight on March 15, 2024. For questions, email

Online: The deadline to submit your manuscripts via email is before midnight on April 1, 2024. For questions, email

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