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Breakout Session #3

Saturday, August 3 from 11:00am to 12:00pm PACIFIC

Beyond Scrivener: Using Tech to Tame Your Nonfiction Research with Colleen Paeff

This presentation will provide clear instruction on how to use Notion, Obsidian, the Readwise Reader, iPhone's scan text feature,, and the Library browser extension to save hours of time during the research process. Once we've covered the initial phase of research, we will explore best practices for keeping digital information organized and easily accessible, going beyond simple folders to create an ever-changing digital repository of information that will serve authors beyond one single project.

Building the YA Universe with Abigail Hing Wen

It’s hard enough to find a novel-length story arc for a character. From setting, to multiple interweaving plotlines, to a complex cast of characters - what does it take to create a contemporary young adult series? Join New York Times best-selling author, Abigail Hing Wen as we explore the topics that populate a YA universe.

The Art of Crafting a Successful Graphic Novel Pitch Packet with Chelsea Eberly

What do agents and editors look for in a graphic novel pitch? How can you be sure to put your best foot forward when showcasing your work? Chelsea Eberly will walk through the ins and outs of how to create a pitch packet that will attract agents and editors with time for questions at the end. 

Demystifying the Query Letter: Crafting the Perfect Pitch with Trinica Sampson-Vera

In this session, you will learn how to elevate your query letter to the next level. From structuring your letter to fine-tuning your pitch, we'll cover tips and tricks to help your manuscript hook agents quickly and dissect successful query letters to pinpoint what works. 

How to Make Your Author Website Your Best Marketing Tool with Ayanna Coleman

Whether you’re an illustrator eager to showcase your portfolio, a picture book or YA author aiming to connect with your audience, or a nonfiction author focused on education, a compelling website acts as your personal publishing platform, allowing you to control the narrative and interact directly with your readers. In this session, Ayanna Coleman, a seasoned marketing strategist with extensive experience in the publishing industry will explore the numerous ways an effective website can serve as a cornerstone of your long-term marketing strategy.

Success Without Stress: Insider Secrets to Marketing with Karen Chow and Sara Fujimura

Book signings. Podcast interviews. Author panels. Your book is out, and everything you have ever dreamed of as a published author has come to fruition. Except now it’s all hitting at one time. Everything is on fire, and due two weeks ago. Authors Karen Chow and Sara Fujimura offer 5 actionable steps, with accompanying templates, formulas, and checklists, to help tame the chaos so you can actually enjoy your debut year and beyond! Participants will learn how to pitch their work with confidence, create opportunities for themselves, and become the Go-To Author in their community.

Understanding Publishing Contracts and Deal Terms with Elise Howard

As a publisher, packager, agent, and author, Elise Howard has negotiated scores of book contracts from both sides of the table. She’ll guide you through the contract language every author, agented or unagented, should understand. You’ll learn the meaning of essential terms (e.g., “grant of rights,” list vs. net royalties) and what terms may or may not be negotiable. This session will be highly interactive, so bring your questions and prepare to leave feeling confident and empowered about one of the most intimidating aspects of your publishing journey. 

Writing for Illustrators: Memory as a Dreamscape with Zahra Marwan

Illustrators create worlds with compositions and color, line work, cut paper, and often evidently with heart. This workshop will help illustrators extract a story from their already vibrant selves. We'll use brief writing prompts to craft a simple poetic sentiment to later build a story or composition upon.

Writing Rhythm and Rhyme: An Intuitive Process for Penning Lyrical Picture Books with Tameka Fryer Brown

There's more than one way to spark literary magic, as long as it's fire in the end. In this session, award-winning author Tameka Fryer Brown shares her intuitive process for penning lyrical picture books.


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