AGENT EVENT: Finding Your Voice with agent Christie Megill

Oct 26, 2023

Online event

Create distinct characters to make your stories more fun and memorable! This program is open to both illustrators and authors

SCBWI Israel presents...

Finding Your Voice with agent Christie Megill

Create distinct characters to make stories more fun and memorable!

For illustrators and authors

It’s all about character!

Illustrate and write characters that fly off the page —

and into readers’ hearts!

Includes submission opportunity for writers and illustrators.


Illustrators who register early can send an illustration ahead of time; Christie will select images to discuss during her talk.

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Meet Christie!


Get to know our guest: Agent Christie Megill

Christie Megill is a middle grade author and Associate Agent at The CAT Agency, working with illustrators and picture book authors. She has experience at Writers House, Triada US, and Cardinal Rule Press, and has previously worked in the editorial department at an academic press and as a children’s bookseller. Christie also has a background in elementary education as a classroom teacher, curriculum designer, and literacy learning advocate. She serves as an administrator for MG Book Village and as a founding member of the Village Page Turners middle grade book club. Originally from Connecticut, she now considers New York City her forever home.

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What will you get out of this event?


Build memorable characters

Christie will guide illustrators and authors in learning how to create characters that are relatable, believable, and memorable.


See real examples

Submit your illustration ahead of time! Christie will choose a few of our illustrations examples to identify opportunities for character development and give tips on how to make characters even stronger.


Submission opportunity

Both illustrators and authors will have a unique opportunity to submit to Christie following the event. Don't miss this chance!

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פרטים נוספים


דמויות בלתי נשכחות

הכל על עיצוב דמויות! איך לכתוב ולאייר דמויות שממש יעופו מהדף אל ליבו של הקורא.


אפשרות לשלוח איורים מראש

בונוס מיוחד! ניתן לשלוח איורים מראש לקריסטי, והיא תשוחח על איורים נבחרים במהלך ההרצאה שלה.


אפשרות הגשה לכל הנרשמים

לנרשמים תינתן אפשרות לשלוח תיק עבודות לאחר הארוע, עם המילה SCBWI בכותרת המייל

Event FAQ

Is this event in English or Hebrew?

This and all other SCBWI Israel events are in English unless otherwise stated.

How do I pay for this event?

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Due to unexpected changes in the global SCBWI site, we are currently unable to accept registrations through the site since there is no way to collect payment. We are working on this with SCBWI HQ and expect to have a solution soon.

Meanwhile, registration via Google Form is fast and easy. We hope you'll join us despite this hiccup.

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What forms of payment do you accept?

At this point, we only accept PayPal.

We are working with SCBWI HQ to provide other payment options in the very near future!

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What currency will I be paying in?

Great question! All our programs are charged in shekels (₪, nis), our local currency.

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What other events does SCBWI Israel have going on?

Glad you asked! Hope to see you at another event soon.

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