Conference Bookstore, Autograph Party & Portfolio Showcase

Conference Bookstore, Autograph Party & Portfolio Showcase

Conference Bookstore, Autograph Party & Portfolio Showcase


The conference bookstore is a fantastic opportunity to promote and sell your books, to support your fellow authors and illustrators, or to get to know your fellow Breezers and conference attendees’ work. The bookstore will feature children’s and craft books published in the last five years (2020 or later).

Book-Signing Event: The Autograph Party

This book-signing event and well-loved conference tradition is open to the public and features conference faculty and published authors and illustrators from around the Southern Breeze region (Alabama, Georgia, and the Florida panhandle).

·      For authors/illustrators: Promote your books and encourage sales of your titles by participating in this fun event! Meet current and future fans of your work, connect with visitors and the public, and make the most of your conference weekend. 

·      For attendees and the public: Get your favorite children’s books signed for your home collection or as a gift to a child, family, or friend. Signed works are also wonderful teacher gifts for their classroom libraries! 

Portfolio Showcase

Another conference favorite, the Portfolio Showcase features the work of artists and illustrators from the Southern Breeze region.

·      For artists/illustrators: Showcase and promote your work. Guests and attendees of this event include Homewood Library visitors and the public, conference faculty and attendees and others. Get your work noticed by participating in the Portfolio Showcase!

·      For attendees and the public: View the work of new and emerging artists, as well as pieces by more seasoned illustrators. Get to know your favorite and future favorite illustrators


To participate in this year’s conference bookstore, autograph party, and/or portfolio showcase, please complete this Form by March 1, 2024.

Questions about participation? Email us