Self-publishing Bilingual Picture Books with Kinota Braithwaite

Created October 24, 2023 by Mari Boyle


Join us on November 10th to find out what it takes to self-publish bilingual picture books. Author, Kinota Braithwaite, shares his experience of bringing important messages about racism and bullying right to the source via his recently published English/Japanese bilingual picture books, Mio the Beautiful, Mio’s Wish, and Kei the True Friend.

In this conversation, we ask Kinota Braithwaite about the ins and outs of self-publication and crowdfunding, why it is important to publish these books right here and right now, what it was like to work with a translator for the Japanese translation, and how the reception for these books has been so far.

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Speaker bio:

Kinota Braithwaite is an author, motivational speaker, certified anti-bullying prevention specialist, and teacher. Originally from Canada, he now resides in Kanagawa where his biracial daughter’s experience in Japanese school inspire his work. His latest picture book, Kimonos and Cornrows, is set for release this fall.