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AZ Equity & Inclusion

May 19, 2023

Welcome to our SCBWI AZ EI Team Page

At SCBWI, we recognize that publicly committing to equity and inclusion is crucial to our membership and the readers we serve. Words, stories, and images are powerful: They define who we are for ourselves and for others. Historically, content creation that reaches a wide audience of children and teens has been intertwined with a legacy of privilege, oppression, bias, and racism. We acknowledge that, as part of the children’s publishing industry, we share in that legacy. You can find our complete Equity and Inclusion Statement here: SCBWI Equity and Inclusion Statement

Our Mission

Support the creation and availability of quality books for every young reader championing equity and inclusion. Our Goals – Expand inclusivity in our membership and create a welcoming and safe environment for all members.  – Provide learning opportunities to increase social consciousness. – Increase inclusive programming, events, and community outreach.

Meet our E&I Team

Ebonie Fields
Author, Illustrator
Karen Chow

Upcoming EI Meeting

Join us for our next In-Person Social Event:

Check back soon.

Our Next Zoom Meeting:

Harshita Jerath, picture-book author of THE LEAPING LADDOO and COOLER THAN LEMONADE, will join us and share her publishing journey.

WHERE: Zoom Platform

DATE: Sunday. March 19, 2024

TIME: 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

RSVP to: Ebby or Karen at scbwi.az.ei@gmail.com for details

Hosted by: Ebonie Fields and Karen Chow

EI Spotlight Interviews

EI Info Card - Susan Foss.jpg

Susan Foss

EI Info Card - DaVaun Sanders.jpg

DaVaun Sanders

EI Info Card - Eboniè P. Fields.jpg

Ebonie Fields

EI Info Card - Sara Fujimura.jpg

Sara Fujimura

EI Info Card - Karen S Chow.jpg

Karen S. Chow

EI Info Card - Harshita Jerath.jpg

Harshita Jerath

SCBWI EI Information

Equity and Inclusion Member Spotlight Interviews

Karen S. Chow  MG Author | June 2021

Harshita Jerath  PB Author | September 2021

Violet Duncan  PB Author | November 2021

Shazia Rehman Desert Sunrise Scholarship Winner | February 2022

Sara Fujimura  YA Author | April 2022

Bill Konigsberg  YA Author | June 2022

Nouha Deliou  PB Author | April 2022

Resources: Sticks and Stones and the Stories We Tell – As part of SCBWI’s Equity and Inclusion Initiative, the Sticks and Stones and the Stories We Tell video is available free to members and the general public and focuses on how ten BIPOC creators turned racism into art. Access the video here: Sticks and Stones and the Stories We Tell Digital Workshop

Events: – LatinX KidLit Book Festival – https://www.latinxkidlitbookfestival.com

BIPOC Bookstores in Arizona: – Palabras Bilingual Bookstore – Latinx-owned bookstore in Phoenix. https://palabrasbookstore.indiecommerce.com/ – Grassrootz Bookstore – Black-owned bookstore in Phoenix. https://grassrootzbookstore.com/

More opportunities: Pitch events for BIPOC: 

DVpit – A biannual Twitter pitch event for self-identifying, historically marginalized authors & illustrators https://www.dvpit.com/ 

Latinxpitch – A Twitter pitch event specifically for Latinx creators held on September 15th https://latinxpitch.wordpress.com/

We Need Diverse Books – A resource page with articles about writing diversely and grants/awards for diverse creators. https://diversebooks.org/resources/resources-for-writers/

Additional Resources: 

It Gets Better Project 

Human Rights Campaign 

Sunshine Behavioral Health 

7 Anti-Racist Books Recommended by Educators and Activists 

10 Black History Movies & Docuseries to Educate Yourself on Anit-Racism 

Project Implicit YouTube Video of Dr. Robin DiAngelo Discusses “White Fragility”

Comments and suggested additions to our Equity and Inclusion Team Page

Do you have any suggestions or additions that you would like to see here? Please email us at: arizona@scbwi.org.