Critique Groups

Looking for feedback, support, and constructive criticism from your peers?

Many writers find a group of their peers the ideal forum in which to share ideas and techniques, to exchange constructive criticism, or simply to have an intense discussion about literature. Meeting with a critique group can be an invaluable step in readying your work for publication.

In-person Critique Groups

If you are a Canada East member, contact those listed below to find a group near you. If you don’t see a group listed for your area, consider starting a new one. We can help! E-mail Elena Dee, Assistant Regional Advisor, to find out how to get started.


• Ottawa area: Michelle Jodoin

• Toronto (The Beach): Ann Marie Meyers

Online Critique Groups

SCBWI Canada East also offers online critique groups. These groups are coordinated by Elena Dee (our chapter's Assistant Regional Advisor). When any given group fills up, a waiting list is started. When that gets long enough, a new group is created.

On-line critique groups are available in the following categories:

• Picture Book (writing only)

• Middle Grade

• Middle Grade / Young Adult

• Young Adult

• Author/Illustrator Group

Please contact Elena Dee, Assistant Regional Advisor if you are interested in joining one of these groups.