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Reach out directly to one of our critiquers.


Many of our members are accomplished critiquers. Those listed below have generously offered to make themselves available for one-time critiques. Scroll down to view their names, listed in two tiers.

The names in the top tier link to our critiquers' email addresses. The code to the left of each name indicates what genre(s) that member is willing to critique (see KEY, below).

In the lower tier, we have assembled our critiquers' member cards. Click on any card to view that person's SCBWI Member Profile. When you have chosen a critiquer, simply click on their name in the upper tier to contact them by email.

If you have any questions about this program, please email Michelle Jodoin, Regional Advisor.

KEY: N Novels | PB Picture books | NF Nonfiction | N: MG Novels: Middle-grade

One-time critiquer profiles

Alma Fullerton
Author, Editor, Illustrator
Ann Marie Meyers
Catherine Austen
Author, Illustrator
Erin Alladin
Jean E. Pendziwol
Joanne Levy
Lydia Lukidis
Author, Educator
Michael Stewart
Author, Educator
Rachel Eugster
Author, Editor