Request a one-time critique

Looking for one-time, one-on-one help?

Maybe what you want is a one-time critique. Your chosen critiquer will read your manuscript (or its first 10 pages) and give you written feedback. The fee is $50.

Unlike the "distance" critiques we occasionally offer with guest faculty, this program has no submission deadline. The timing of your critique will be worked out directly with the person you select.

How it works:

First, choose your expert. Click the green button above to find a list of available critiquers. Follow the links to learn more about them by reading their SCBWI Member Profile. You will also find information about some of them on our Meet your mentors page.

Your preferred critiquer’s name also links to their email address. Use this to send a message asking whether your chosen mentor is available, when you can expect to have feedback, and how they would like you to pay their fee.

Once you have your critiquer’s agreement to provide you with a critique, send your manuscript directly to them. For novels, send no more than 10 manuscript pages, plus a one-page synopsis. For picture books (or shorter works), send only one manuscript, which cannot exceed 10 pages.

At this point, your $50 is due to your critiquer. This fee does not include HST. If your critiquer is an HST registrant, they will add this tax to their final bill. Please discuss payment methods with your chosen critiquer.

Manuscripts must be double-spaced, in a readable 12-pt. font, with margins of at least one inch.

Your mentor will return your manuscript with their critique within the time frame you have agreed to. They will have the choice of using the SCBWI Manuscript Critique Gold Form.

Note: This is an informal arrangement facilitated by SCBWI. We cannot guarantee a particular level of quality. If your experience is unsatisfactory, please let us know.