Mentoring and Critiques

One-on-one help from your choice of experts

You’ve taken your manuscript as far as you can. But somehow it doesn’t feel quite ready for submission. You know it needs something, but you’re really not sure what that is.

If that’s where you find yourself, we recommend signing up to work with a mentor, or requesting a one-time critique. A high-powered team of experienced writers and editors stands ready to help any SCBWI member.

Unlike the "distance" critiques we occasionally offer with guest faculty, this program has no submission deadline. When you and your chosen expert are matched up, you will determine together what, if any, deadlines you expect each other to meet.

If this sounds like what you’re looking for, you have two options: Work with a Mentor or Request a One-Time Critique.

Which option is right for you? Only you can tell. If you’re really struggling, perhaps a mentor can help you find some new approaches. In that case, choose Work with a Mentor.

If what you are after is a quick temperature check and the insight an outside pair of eyes may offer, choose Request a One-Time Critique.

For all the details about how these two options work, follow the links below.

If you have any questions about this program, please contact Michelle Jodoin, Regional Advisor.

Program options

Work with a Mentor.png

Work with a mentor

We will match you with a mentor (from your choice of three), and the two of you will negotiate a timetable. Your mentor will give you several written critiques and one real-time meeting online. The minimum charge for this option is $250 for picture books and $325 for novels.

Request a One-Time Critique.png

One-time Critiques

You will choose a critiquer from our list and contact them directly to see if they are available. They will provide you with a single written critique for a manuscript of up to 10 pages (plus a synopsis, in the case of a novel). There is no online meeting and no further feedback. The fee for this option is $50.