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Book Release | Clouds in Space: Nebulae, Stardust, and Us

Teresa Robeson’s newest picture book, Clouds in Space: Nebulae, Stardust, and Us, will release August 20th, 2024, from MIT Kids Press.

“Nebula means “cloud” in Latin, but these little-known astronomical phenomena are different from Earth’s clouds. They can be the last breaths of supernovas, spreading the elements of life far and wide, or they can be star nurseries, swirling molecules together to form stars and planets. In this gorgeous nonfiction look into the cosmos, the nebula narrator invites young astronomers to learn more about these immense space clouds, from how they form to what they do. Readers will be entranced by the vibrant illustrations, which incorporate real photographs of nebulae, and the poetic text, which reveals that we are all grown from scattered stardust. Rich back matter provides details about nebulae and how people have studied them, the nebulae pictured (listed as the “cast”), and resources for further learning.”

You may pre-order the book here:

Book Release | B is for Belonging

Shannon Anderson’s B is for Belonging will be published August 6th, 2024, by Free Spirit Publishing.

“Making a distinction between "belonging" and "fitting in," B Is for Belonging empowers kids to show acceptance for others and themselves and create communities of belonging. With an uplifting and positive tone, this book shares the power and joy of belonging.”

You may pre-order the book here:

Book Release | My Book of the Elements: A Fact- Filled Guide to the Periodic Table

Adrian Dingle’s My Book of the Elements: A Fact-Filled Guide to the Periodic Table will be published March 12th, 2024, by DK Children.

“My Book of the Elements is a wonderful introduction to the periodic table. Covering all the elements, from the unreactive to the radioactive, as well as key science topics, such as states of matter, this visual book is something that every young science enthusiast will want to own.”

You may pre-order the book here:

Book Release | Good Night, Cuddle Tight

Kristi Valiant’s newest book, Good Night, Cuddle Tight, launched in early December 2023 with a party at The Vineyard bookstore in Evansville.

“I signed books for two hours straight with a steady line the whole time-yay! The bookstore provided cookies, giveaways, and door prizes, and they did a lot of great advertising on social media. I brought a standup cutout for a photo op. I have two books with the same publisher coming out in 2024, including the second in this series.”

You may order the book here: Barnes&Noble

Book Release | BOOK!

Jason Hendrickson’s debut picture book, BOOK!, released on December 12th, 2023 from POW! Kids Books.

“BOOK! is an absurd, 4th-wall-breaking adventure. Young Readers take part in an interactive, humorous journey of twists and turns to the end of the book with Willard the octopus, his friend Mallard...and a swarm of B's? The Narrator asks the Reader to flip, shake, and talk to BOOK! all while our interjecting animal friends keep the Reader company all the way to...wait will the reader get there? To turn the page is a group endeavor with this humorous pair ready to help You make decisions along the way. Good luck and safe travels on your trip to the final page of BOOK! You can find more information at”

You may learn more about the book here: bookbookwebsite

Book Release | Winnie Acts Up: A Kid’s Introduction to Theater

Pat J Wheeler’s book Winnie Acts Up: A Kid’s Introduction to Theater, released in August, 2023.

“When a young granddaughter agreed to a week of summer theater camp at Gram’s, no one predicted how daunting the new experience would seem to her as she clung to Gram and kept insisting, “I’m shy.” This real-life situation inspired Pat’s debut picture book, Winnie Acts Up. The plot shows a child who auditions for a play and finds that an unfamiliar experience with unknown people can be intimidating. Winnie’s venture into acting follows her journey as she faces her fears, gains confidence, and values the kindness of friends.”

You may order the book here: Barnes&Noble

Book Deals | Mud To The Rescue!

Madeleine Dunphy at Web of Life has bought world rights to Mud to the Rescue! by debut author Tanya Konerman, illustrated by Melanie Cataldo.

Book Deals | Clear and Bright: The Ching Ming Festival

Leonard Marcus, while at Astra Books for Young Readers, acquired world rights to Clear and Bright: The Ching Ming Festival by APALA Award-winner Teresa Robeson, illustrated by William Low.

Awards | Welcome to the Wonder House

Rebecca Kai Dotlich’s Welcome to the Wonder House (released on July 11th, 2023) was selected by School Library Journal as one of 2023's Best Poetry Books. The book, co-authored by George Heard and illustrated by Deborah Freeman, was published in July by Astra/Wordsong.

You may purchase a copy of the book via the BOOKSHOP.