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Book Deal | Clear and Bright: The Ching Ming Festival

Leonard Marcus, while at Astra Books for Young Readers, acquired world rights to Clear and Bright: The Ching Ming Festival by APALA Award-winner Teresa Robeson, illustrated by William Low.

Workshop | Find Creative Zest: Wooing Your Inner Artist

Author Mary Ann Steinke-Moore is hosting a workshop called Find Creative Zest: Wooing Your Inner Artist. The workshop is designed to help 7th-12th grade students "explore strategies to stay motivated and endure challenges until their writing projects are completed." This workshop is hosted by Fables Books. To register, please visit:

Class | Highlights Foundation: Ft. Author Teresa Robeson

Teresa Robeson's upcoming author appearances include teaching a class on writing nonfiction with Jen Swanson at Highlights in October.

To register for the class, please visit Highlights Foundation.

Book Birthday | Welcome to the Wonder House

Rebecca Kai Dotlich and Georgia Heard's Welcome to the Wonder House was released on July 11th, 2023 from Astra Publishing/Wordsong.

"This collection of poems, creatively presented in the format of an allegorical house, will engage anyone who has ever wondered "why?" as it shows young readers that wonder is everywhere---in yourself and in the world around you. This Wonder House has many rooms---one for nature, one for quiet, and one for mystery, among others. Each room is filled with poems and objects covering a wide variety of STEAM topics, including geology, paleontology, physics, astronomy, creative writing, and drawing, that will inspire curiosity in young readers."

You may purchase a copy of the book via the BOOKSHOP.