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Interviews with SCBWI Montana Members

Interview with Author Illustrator Tracy Krushensky


Can you tell us about yourself as a creator?

I am an artist on a journey of becoming an author/illustrator for children’s picture books. Seems like my journey’s path has been by guess and by gosh but creativity has always been in my blood. Sketching was a constant pastime throughout my childhood. Inspired by high school art classes, I declared Art as my original major in college.

Interview with Author LuAnn Rod


How did you get to this point?

I write middle grade novels. I was first published in “Jack and Jill” magazine with a story called “The Great Guinea Pig Roundup.” That was back the 1980s. I didn’t have clue what I was doing and had no contacts in the publishing world to help me get to the next step. I finally met another writer, Barb Heinlen, who now writes as BJ Daniels for Harlequin Intrigue. Long story short, after a few decades of writing and sporadically trying to get published, I answered a call for manuscripts from Chicken Scratch Books with a book I had given up on ever having published.

Interview with Author Sue Lawrence


What kind of art do you create?

I call myself a children’s book author, but in truth--- I’m a Storyteller. (Yes, I intentionally capitalized that last word because it deserves a higher rank!) All of us—writers and illustrators, alike—are storytellers, right? We tell our stories through the written word and our art. Well, I don’t “create art,” – not literally, I mean—but I do paint my stories using lyrical language, alliteration and assonance, onomatopoeia, and active verbs and vivid word-painting language. So, that counts as “art,” right?