Our History

SCBWI Ohio North would like to express our sincere gratitude to the following volunteers for their years of dedicated service and hard work in this region. Without their tireless efforts and talent, our community wouldn't be the supportive, thriving region it is today. On behalf of our current Regional Team and all our members, we extend a heartfelt THANK YOU!!

Laurie Knowlton.jpg

Laurie Lazarro Knowlton

Founder of the Ohio North Region / Regional Advisor

Jean Daigneau.webp

Jean Daigneau

Former Regional Advisor

Vicki Salvaggio.jpg

Victoria Selvaggio

Former Regional Advisor

Lisa Amstutz Pic.jpg

Lisa Amstutz

Former Regional Advisor

Sophie Cayless pic.webp

Sophie Cayless

Former Illustrator Coordinator

Mike Desantis pic.jpg

Mike DeSantis

Former Regional Advisor


Merrill Rainey

Former Illustrator Coordinator

Kellie pic.webp

Kellie DuBay Gillis

Former Regional Advisor

Emily Levin.jpg

Emily Levin

Former Assistant Regional Advisor