Welcome to SCBWI Ohio: North!

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Welcome to SCBWI Ohio: North!

If you live in northern Ohio and want to explore your passion for writing or illustrating children's books, please join our SCBWI Ohio North creative community! As a member, you'll gain access to an array of helpful resources, including information on upcoming events, opportunities to connect with other professionals in the industry and valuable insights on the art of creating and publishing children's books. Our chapter started in 1990 and continues to serve our members thanks to the dedication of our regional volunteers.


Open Ohio-North Events

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SCBWI Ohio-North Regional Team

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Ongoing & Upcoming Ohio-North Events

Your Ohio-North Regional Team

Meena Banatwala-Poe
Co-Regional Advisor
CJ Penko
Co-Regional Advisor
Britney Rudowsky
Assistant Regional Advisor
Kristina Tartara
Illustrator Coordinator

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Becoming a translator

Translation: Some Frequently Asked Questions, by Avery Udagawa

We are lonely volunteers... PLEASE talk to us!

Hehe. Got your attention. Hi there! Ohio-North Regional Team here. If you're reading this, we would LOVE to hear from you. We don't mind if you're an Ohio-North member or not. (But if you are- you're extra cool.) We want input. What do YOU need as a writer or illustrator? Critiques? In-person events? Webinars? Conferences? Nothing is off the table! Our team continuously plans events, so please let us know what you wish we were doing!