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Critique Groups

Our critique groups are only open to SCBWI Members. We have a variety of Oregon and Clark County (Western Washington Region) Critique Groups – click on the tiles below to find the one that works for you. **Remember, SCBWI has a zero-tolerance policy against harassment of any kind. Any violation of this policy is actionable.

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Writers - Face to Face

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Writers - Virtual/Online

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Illustrators - Face to Face

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Illustrators - Virtual/Online

Looking to JOIN an existing group?

• Look at the current group listings (see the green Learn More buttons above). If you find a group that appeals to you, please reach out to the contact person for that group directly. 

• If you have thoroughly explored the current listings, but still can't find a group, consider starting your own group. We can help you! See full instructions below.

Are you starting a new Critique Group? We want YOUR info!

Click here to fill out a Google Form.  

• We will share your info on our website and newsletter to help you recruit new members!