San Francisco/South Volunteers

Margaret Bloom
Co-Regional Advisor
Joyce Masongsong-Ray
Co-Regional Advisor
Seina Wedlick
Co-Assistant Regional Advisor
Rob Sayegh Jr.
Illustrator Coordinator
Nena Hy-Boyer
Co-Illustrator Coordinator

Volunteer Team:

Website Administrator - Sunny Sommerset

New Member Coordinator - (position open!)

Social Media Coordinator - Heather Kinser

Critique Connect - Lynne Ann Biscay

Monthly Meetup Organizers:

Weekly "Write-In" - Vincent Jorgensen

Monthly PB and MG Critiques - Jackie Friedman Mighdoll, Jilanne Hoffman, Lynne Ann Biscay

Indie Publishing Meetup - Melissa Perenson

MG Lunch Break - Kristi Wright, Anne-Marie Strohman, Jen Jobart

MG Book Club - Jackie Friedman Mighdoll

Craft of Picture Books -Jackie Friedman Mighdoll

We're always looking for great volunteers to keep our community connected. If you'd like to help, let us know at !

Volunteer Profiles:

Sunny Sommerset
Author, Illustrator
Heather Kinser
Lynne Ann Biscay
Vincent Jorgensen
Jackie Friedman Mighdoll
Author, Translator
Jilanne Hoffmann
Melissa Perenson
Author, Editor
Kristi Wright
Anne-Marie Strohman