Author-Illustrator Meet-ups

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Welcome Author-Illustrators

This critique group is specifically for people who both write and illustrate and have a goal to create dummies that can be submitted to publishers and/or agents. The purpose of this group is for writer/illustrators to have their dummies critiqued by fellow writer/illustrators. Those who write and illustrate meet quarterly, and it’s hosted by Samantha Winkler.


2/24/24 zoom 10am PST, 

Submit to dropbox by end of day 2/18/24, 11:59 PM

Meetings are held four times a year on Saturday mornings at 10:00 a.m. Picture Book and Graphic Novel Dummies for critique are due two Sundays before the meeting via Dropbox. For more information, contact Samantha Winkler at


We will be meeting via Zoom with Breakout rooms of no more than 5 to a group. After introductions, we will split into groups of Picture Book & Graphic Novel creators. Spend time to create these stores that you can bring to the meeting. A book dummy is needed for the most positive participation. It can be line work, rough sketches with some color samples but please submit something to get the most out of the group. If you are a member of the group and you do not have something ready for the meeting you can still participate. The more feedback the better. What should be critiqued? Placement of text from the manuscript, illustration elements and principles, pacing of the story, page turns etc. (the dummy as a whole). Each member will have roughly 25 minutes for his/her work to be critiqued. Any additional comments can be placed in the CHAT. Submission guidelines: The dummy should be submitted as a word doc or pdf to the Dropbox link provided.

For helpful tips on creating a dummy, click here.

WHERE: Zoom meeting If you would like to be added to the group, please contact Samantha at Don’t be bashful.

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Author–Illustrator Group 2024 meeting dates

5/26/24 zoom 10 am PST, 

submit to dropbox by end of day 5/19/24

7/27/24 zoom 10am PST, 

submit to dropbox by end of day 7/21/24

9/28/24 zoom 10am PST, 

submit to dropbox by end of day 9/22/24

12/7/24 zoom 10am PST,

 submit to dropbox by end of day 12/1/24