SoCal Bilingual Critique Groups

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SoCal Bilingual Group

Welcome Bilingual Writers!

Come join other bilingual Latinx writers to discuss writing and publishing and critique our work.



*Critique via Google Docs and Zoom meeting.*

Submission by 8/7/24

The Bilingual Critique Group meets virtually the second Wednesday of the month from 6:00-8:00pm.


Meetings are held in English. Latinx writers share their stories and experiences and offer written critiques. We share all manuscripts via Google Docs for feedback. Email Cynthia De La Torre, the group organizer, at ahead of time to let her know you’ll be sharing your MS. She will send an email with the names/emails of those participating, and you will then share your MS with those participants. Add your feedback to the doc, save, and send back to its author. If you submit a manuscript and receive written feedback, don’t forget to reciprocate feedback. If you don’t have a manuscript to submit, but would still like to participate in Zoom meetings, you are welcome to. Do not feel obligated to provide written feedback, but you can if you would like. Note: Every other month, we only share Google Docs (i.e. we do not meet via Zoom) and give each other written feedback only. And every other month, we meet via Zoom and share Google Docs. Submission guidelines: We ask that manuscripts be no more than 4 pages long, Times New Roman, 12 inch font, double spaced, and with 1 inch margins on all sides. For MG and YA, feel free to include a paragraph at the top of your MS with background/setting/storyline, etc. All manuscripts will be sent via Google Docs.

WHERE: Zoom meeting, For more information or to attend, email Gama Valle at

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Future Bilingual Group meeting dates


*Critique via Google Docs only.*

Submission by 9/4/24


*Critique via Google Docs and Zoom meeting.*

Submission by 10/2/24


*Critique via Google Docs only.*

Submission by 11/6/24


*Critique via Google Docs only.*

Submission by 12/4/24