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Meet our SoCal Team

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Welcome from our team of volunteers!

Our region's activities are brought to you thanks to a community of volunteers.

If you'd like to join our volunteer team, please contact Bev Plass.

Regional Advisor: Beverly Plass:

Co-Assistant Regional Advisor: Carlene Griffith:

Co-Assistant Regional Advisor: Jodi Rizzotto:

Co-Illustrator Coordinator: Su Moon:

Co-Illustrator Coordinator: Kunj Bhatt:

Critique Group Coordinator: Christine Henderson

Critique group leaders: Kelly Powers, Judy Campbell-Smith, Samantha Winkler, Gama Valle, Debbie Meneses

Social Media: Carlene Griffith

Member Good News: Desi St. Amant

Webmasters: Julie Hendrickson, Ellen Kim

Newsletter Editors: Samantha Winkler, Carlene Griffith, Cat Lee

Spring Retreat Coordinator: Heather Buchta

Regional Advisor-Emeritus Francesca Rusackas

Read About Our Volunteers

Beverly Plass
Regional Advisor
Carlene Griffith
Co-Assistant Regional Advisor
Jodi Rizzotto
Co-Assistant Regional Advisor
Kunj Bhatt
Co-Illustrator Coordinator
Su Moon
Co-Illustrator Coordinator
Christine Henderson
Kelly Powers
Agent, Librarian
Judy Campbell-Smith
Gama Valle
Debbie Meneses
Author, Educator
Heather Buchta
Francesca Rusackas
SJ Winkler
Art Director, Author, Creative Director
Catherine Lee