Writing Contest Formatting

Formatting Your Manuscript for the Contest

All entries should be saved as Word documents, and formatted so the query is on the first page and the manuscript starts on the second page (for a total of 6 pages for a novel, query plus full text (to word limits) for picture book). Only one document should be attached to the email.

12-point font (Times New Roman, Arial, or Courier only) Double space the manuscript itself, single space for verse Set one-inch margins (sides and bottom) Leave your name and any contact information off the document. In the footer, include your manuscript title and page number. In the upper righthand corner of the first page, note the contest category and the word count of the completed manuscript (e.g. MG: 35,000 words). Please start your text for the query at least 3 inches from the top of the page. THE QUERY The greeting should be a generic “Dear Agent,” Do NOT include bio information The sign-off should read something like, “The manuscript is complete at x number of words. Thank you for your consideration.” Do not include your name. Please note: with regard to the query, the judges will be focused on the story summary/pitch.

Writing Contest Entry Sample