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Deadline to register for a critique or review: July 25th, 2024

Select faculty are offering online critiques/reviews via Zoom the week before the conference.


Manuscript Critiques


Pitch Package Critiques


Graphic Novel Pitches


Picture Book Dummy Reviews


Portfolio Reviews

Selecting the right faculty member for your critique or review

Selecting the right faculty member for your one-on-one critique or review will help you get the most out of this opportunity. We suggest that you decide ahead of time who you’d like to sign up with so that when registration opens, you’ll be ready to go (these sessions typically sell out fast). Here are some tips to help get you started!

FIRST, decide the type of critique or review you need. 

  • Manuscript Critiques are best for authors of picture books, chapter books, or novels, OR for illustrators who would like to have their picture book text critiqued.
  • Pitch Package Critiques are ideal for authors and/or illustrators preparing to submit to agents or editors and have a query letter, synopsis, and pitch they’d like reviewed. 
  • Graphic Novel Pitches include sample pages of art and/or script and can receive critique before a final draft is complete.
  • PB Dummy Reviews are for picture book author-illustrators who have a book dummy they would like reviewed by an art director, agent, editor, or published illustrator.  
  • Portfolio Reviews are for illustrators who would like feedback on their professional portfolios from an art director, agent, editor, or published illustrator.

NEXT, read each faculty member’s bio page and see which types and genres of materials they will be critiquing/reviewing, and consider who would give you the most helpful feedback. Some faculty members list genres or themes that do not interest them.

Please keep in mind that the main purpose of these sessions is to give creators the opportunity to receive constructive feedback from professional art directors, agents, editors, and published faculty. The purpose of a critique or review is NOT to land a contract. But it may create an opportunity to submit to that faculty member following the conference. 

Critiques with a professional author or illustrator often provide a slightly different perspective that resonates with fellow creators, and can offer much needed direction for early-draft materials as well as final copy tweaks. 

FINALLY, once you've selected the faculty member who best fits your needs for your critique or review, be sure to note your second and third choices, in case your first choice is sold out when you register OR you have an opportunity to sign up for a second session later.

Good luck!

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