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Each quarter, SCBWI-Indiana is excited to feature an author from our region. Below you’ll find information about this quarter's featured author. We encourage you to take a few minutes to learn about this Indiana writer and their book projects.

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Author Spotlight

Meet Kim Howard, an author from Southern Indiana.

Kim Howard

How did you get started? Did you always want to be a children's author?

I have always wanted to write picture books. Starting in second grade, I used to fold up pieces of printer paper, staple up the sides, and write books that I would give to my grandma. One summer when I was in elementary school, I took an enrichment class where each student was given a blank hardback book to write and illustrate. When I held my finished product, a "real" hardback book, I knew I always wanted to be a writer. After college, I started sending manuscripts out to publishers and then agents in my spare time.

What training do you have? For instance, are you self-trained, do you have a degree, etc.?

My degrees are focused on education, so I do not have any formal training. However, as an elementary teacher, a love of reading, books, and writing is a big part of the job! I've learned a lot about writing from books, interviews, blogs, critique partners, and, most significantly, writing conferences.

What kinds of books do you write for children (such as PBs, CBs, MG, YA; fiction or nonfiction; poetry or prose) and who would you say influenced(s) you?

I write picture books. Starting off, I was inspired by authors/illustrators like Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith who were doing things that seemed a little more out of the box. I love the idea of blending humor with a timeless type of story.

Are there any past, current, or upcoming projects you'd like to talk about? Anything else upcoming you'd like us to know about?

My next book DO MOMMIES EVER SLEEP? will be out in March, and I am SO EXCITED about this book! When my oldest daughter was a baby, she never wanted to sleep. She would take thirty-six minute on-the-dot naps, and that was it. One day, I was taking her for a walk in her stroller, trying to get her to sleep, and the first line of the book popped into my head: "Do mommies ever sleep? Baby legend has it--no." I loved the idea of looking at that time in my life from my baby's point of view. Of course my daughter would think I never sleep, because whenever she's up, I'm up, too! I thought it could be a funny, but also sweet and relatable story. My illustrator, Karen Obuhanych, did an absolutely amazing job of bringing the cheeky little baby and his mommy to life in the illustrations. I really hope that families see themselves in these pages and connect to the humor and also the sweetness of that particular time of life.

As for past projects, I recently had the wonderful honor of attending the 2023 National Book Festival in Washington, D.C when GRACE AND BOX was selected as one of the books to represent Indiana. The book was also added to the Library of Congress' Great Reads from Great Places list. I had never attended this event before, and it was really special to meet so many families and librarians from each state!

How/where can people reach out to you?

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