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Enter your illustration in response to the provided prompt for a chance to win a $25 gift certificate to ArtSupply Warehouse. Your entry and any professional contact info you wish to include will also be published on Kite Tales with subsequent social media forwarding to all platforms. Winners will be encouraged to pitch an article or participate in a follow up interview with Kite Tales. Only one entry per person, per contest.


– You must be an SCBWI member in good standing, fill out the entry form and follow the rules detailed below.

– Contestant must submit unpublished material, but may be a pre-published or published illustrator.

– Entries must be submitted digitally in an image file no larger than 1000×1000 pixels at 72dpi, but may be created in any medium of the artist’s choosing.


– Up to 3 winners total per contest: 1 Grand Prize Winner receives a $25 gift certificate to ArtSupply Warehouse. 2 Runners Up receive honorable mention. All winners receive their entry published on Kite Tales and are encouraged to pitch their own articles or participate in an illustrator feature interview.

– Entries limited to 1 per person, per contest. Additional entires will not be considered.

– Entries must address and include the prompt provided in the contest announcement in some way, either conceptually or literally. Any entries that do not address the prompt will be disqualified.

– If you do not win, we encourage you to enter the next contest.

– You may only win the Grand Prize once per year.

– Runners Up are still eligible to win the Grand Prize next round.

– Only winners will be notified regarding their entry and contest standing. Please do not email Kite Tales or Los Angeles SCBWI staff to inquire about your entry.


Illustrate the following passage:

“When we begin to play…”




Email the following information to

- Your Name

- Your Email

- Attach your file in .jpg or .jpeg format

- Your Website (optional)

- Your Twitter Account (optional)

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- Other Social Media (optional)

File must be in .jpg or .jpeg format and no larger than 1000x1000 pixels at 72dpi. Please do not include your name or copyright on the entry image. If your entry is chosen as the winner, you will be asked to resubmit the image with your name/copyright.

The winners will be announced on Kite Tales on 12/7/22. If you submit after the deadline your entry will not be considered, but you are encouraged to submit another piece for the next contest when the new prompt is announced.

Kite Tales reserves the right to reject any entry we deem inappropriate. Kite Tales reserves the right to declare no winners if we do not receive enough appropriate entries. If you submit after the entry due date for the current contest, your entry will not be considered. Winning does not guarantee representation or publishing contract. Entries will be judged based on merit by our anonymous judges.