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Los Angeles Times Festival of Books SCBWI-L.A. Booth Signing Opportunity for Authors and Illustrators

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Only 18 signing slots are available and they’ll go fast!

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All members are welcome to sign up as a volunteer.

What is the event?

The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, attracting more than 150,000 book lovers, is the single best place to sell your product to America’s largest book buying market.

SCBWI-L.A. has purchased a booth at the festival. As a PAL member, you can rent time in the booth for selling & signing your work. You will share your time with other SCBWI PAL members.

Signing Options

– 2 hour time slot: $50

– 3 hour time slot: $75

The fee you pay SCBWI-L.A. will help recoup costs for the event so we might continue to provide such services in the future. It includes:

1. A spot at the table where you can sell, sign, and meet fans old and new

2. A listing of your information on the SCBWI-L.A. website with links to your site

3. A listing of your information on any printed material with the SCBWI-L.A. booth schedule

Donation Participation

We may donate generically signed books to a couple of schools. If you would like to participate, please let us know what book or books you will be providing so we can determine if we will do the donation this year. We will let you know prior to the festival whether to bring the signed donation material to the event.

At the Event

The SCBWI booth will not have a store. Presenters are responsible for their own sales. If you’re taking cash, you’ll have to make your own change. If you’re swiping cards, using Venmo, PayPal, etc. on your cell phone, you’re responsible for the technology involved with that. You’re also responsible for your own sales tax.

You may leave a box of your books at the SCBWI booth prior to your presentation time, but ONLY ON THE DAY OF YOUR PRESENTATION, and only as space is available on a first come basis. Any materials left at the end of the business day will become the property of SCBWI (we'll use them for various giveaways, so they won't go to waste). All boxes must be stackable, meaning we can put heavy things on top of your stuff without collapsing your box or the materials inside of it. Artwork, easels, posters and other odd-sized materials can be stored for the day only if space is available. Please be understanding and have an alternate plan if a volunteer tells you, "I just don't have the room."

If you have a huge following, and expect a hundred people, please feel free to bring a friend to work your line – selling books ahead of your signing, putting post-it notes of how to personalize the signing, etc. We will have volunteers, but can't guarantee we'll have enough to loan out to you.

You will be presenting at an 8-foot table with two other people – so you’ve got about two & feet of table space. You’re welcome to bring promotional material such as bookmarks, postcards, fliers, etc. but be respectful of the professional next to you.

If you have posters or artwork that requires an easel (yours), please:

1. Make sure it can be set it up behind your chair without causing traffic problems.

2. Make sure you can quickly set it up before your signing time without disturbing the other presenters.

3. The volunteers managing the booth may say your poster doesn't fit, so please have a Plan B in mind that doesn't include your display.

Please be punctual and polite in dealing with the signer in the seat before and after your timeslot. If you still have fans when your time is up, feel free to step out of the booth to engage with them.

Refund Policy: There will be no refunds for this event.

You must be logged in to and a PAL member to register as a signer.

All SCBWI members are welcome to sign up as a volunteer. If you first register as a volunteer and later wish to register to sign books, please email to let us know.