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Beltways and Bridges: A Kid Lit Road Trip

Welcome to Beltways and Bridges, SCBWI Mid-Atlantic’s year-long program to help creators build confidence in their work and make stronger connections to our regional community. Each season will introduce a new stop on our road trip and allow members to strengthen craft, connect with fellow creatives, and learn from experts in our field.

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Read the Summer Highlighter Journal

This issue's theme is "Language" and like Nysha Lilly's bright and beautiful "Fresh Sends" bouquet on the cover, it offers a dose of inspiration in these hot and humid months. The articles consider translation in both text and illustration and delve into how to use language (or multiple languages) to enhance kidlit writing.

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Vivacious and Fun: Upping Your Game with Virtual Visits

This webinar demystifies the process of making virtual visits that are interactive and fun and that leave a lasting impression.

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Beltways and Bridges: A Kid Lit Road Trip

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