About Midsouth

The Midsouth Region serves SCBWI members who live in Kentucky and Tennessee. We have an active agenda of programs, events, and services to support our professional growth.

Midsouth Regional Team

Susan Eaddy
Co-Regional Advisor
Erica Rodgers
Co-Regional Advisor
Kris Sexton
Assistant Regional Advisor
Mary Uhles
Illustrator Coordinator

SCBWI Midsouth Critique Groups

What is a Critique Group?

A critique group is a team of writers or illustrators who provide constructive criticism of each other’s work in progress. Often a group focuses on a particular reading level, art media, or genre, but not always. Some groups meet online, others face-to-face. Some meet weekly, others monthly. The details are up to the group.

How to Find a Critique Group:

As a SCBWI Midsouth Premium member, you can fill out the “Seeking Critique Group” form or raise your hand via email to our Midsouth Critique Group Coordinator, Rachel Kenyon (rachel@happywithabook.com). She will ask some questions and start getting your connected with other writers/illustrators.

• If you are on Facebook, be sure to join our Midsouth Writers or Midsouth Illustrators group page.

• Try some swapping! It’s important to get your feet wet, so ask or offer a manuscript/illustration critique swap.

• Allow for a little trial time. Sometimes you’ll find a fast fit! But sometimes it takes a few tries to find the perfect partner(s).

If you have any questions, email our Critique Group Coordinator. Midsouth has several articles about getting started and a list of mentors who can help. SCBWI members may also find critique group information in The Book: Essential Guide to Publishing for Children, which is free for members to download. SCBWI maintains The Book on scbwi.org.

Critique partners are an important fuel for any writer or illustrator. They will help you hone your craft, celebrate your victories with you, and lift you when you need a lift!

Midsouth SCBWI Equity and Inclusion Team


The Midsouth SCBWI Equity & Inclusion initiative is dedicated to promoting, encouraging, and uplifting under-represented voices in the children’s book industry, including but not limited to, those who identify as Black, Indigenous and people of color (BIPOC), LGBTQIA+, religious minorities and those with disabilities. The E&I team we are building is enthusiastic about cultivating a caring and supportive environment that enables all SCBWI members to thrive in their art.

All E&I Team members are volunteers. If you are interested in becoming a member of this vibrant team, please email: ritahubbard@gmail.com and write EQUITY & INCLUSION in the subject line.