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Welcome to SCBWI Midsouth (Kentucky/Tennessee)!

Looking to explore your passion for writing or illustrating children's books? As a member you'll gain access to an array of helpful resources, including information on upcoming events, opportunities to connect with other professionals in the industry, and valuable insights on the art of creating and publishing children's books.

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Welcome to SCBWI Midsouth (Kentucky/Tennessee)!


Welcome to SCBWI Midsouth (Kentucky/Tennessee!)

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Welcome to SCBWI Midsouth (Kentucky/Tennessee)!

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Midsouth Presents Critique-Palooza!

Have a manuscript critiqued by an industry professional this fall, and then in January attend a panel of editors, agents, and published authors as they discuss HOW to apply agent/editor feedback for revision! And if you're not interested in a critique at this time, you can stick with the basic Panel-only ticket. Registration opens soon!

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To inquire about local events, awards, or opportunities, please email { midsouth@scbwi.org }

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