Critique Groups

What is a Critique Group?

A critique group is a team of writers, illustrators or a combination of both who provide constructive feedback about each other's works in progress (WIP). Some groups focus on the same reading level, art medium or genre, while other groups welcome a broader membership. Each group sets its own tone for how they want to function and how often they want to meet. Some groups meet online, while others get together face-to-face.

Why Join a Critique Group?

The biggest benefit to joining a critique group is receiving feedback on your WIP from writer or illustrator peers at various stages of their creative careers. Other benefits often include growth in your craft, more confidence in your skills and a community you can turn to for encouragement and support as you work to create quality books for children and teens. It isn't unusual to see life-long friendships grow out of critique groups in the Midsouth.

How to Find a Critique Group:

  1. Become an SCBWI Premium member. Preview members are not eligible to join an SCBWI critique group.
  2. Fill out the Critique Group Interest Form here:
  3. A member of the Regional Team will contact you as soon as a critique group that best meets your needs is available. Please note that this process, which is managed by a volunteer, may take some time. In the interim, we encourage you to find support in the following ways:

Still have questions?

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