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Norman Morana


Norman Morana

I am brand new to SCBWI and I’m excited learning all there is to explore here. I grew up on the southern Oregon Coast, picking up shells and rocks at the beach, and listening to the sea lions bark from my backyard. I come to illustration from a brief background in the animation industry. After high school, I earned my BFA in Media Arts and Animation and had worked on a small handful of related projects before getting a day job as a production artist for a sportswear company, in the Portland area. All the while I couldn’t stop drawing and telling stories with my illustrations which has led me here! Last year, I left behind that day job to fully launch my illustration career. (continued below)

Norman's Illustrations


Norman's journey in the KidLit World

About Norman (continued):

 I thoroughly enjoy the problem solving that comes with composing an image, working to get a nice balance of texture, color, storytelling, and charm. As to why I am drawn to children’s books? I enjoy the storytelling aspect of illustration. Life can also be difficult at times and the best thing I think I am capable of doing to help is to create a little world for the viewers to step into for a time, whether that’s a book or a single illustration. I currently do this with the picture book dummies I have concepted and through the individual illustrations I make. Visit Norman's Website:

My Art Tip:

Observation. I think developing a keen eye on the details in your surroundings can only help you. If you find a work that draws you in, try to observe what it is about that piece that captivated you. When you are out experiencing the world, notice the way an object behaves. If you’re looking for a place to start. Start by observe the motivations, perspective, and movements of your pets, the people you walk past on the street, or even the person waiting in line at a grocery store. You may find that these sorts of details can add that bit of life to your illustration, give you a breakthrough on a story you’re trying to tell, or give you color and texture ideas. 

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