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Mentorship Contest 2018: Wade Bradford


“I specialize in kind critiques. (They are so much better than cruel ones.) When I evaluate a manuscript, I am both editor and cheerleader. I look for ways to streamline the writing, strengthen the plot, and reveal the characters. I also ask lots of questions, rather than overloading the author with my own suggestions/ideas.”

— Wade Bradford


Via email, social media, phone calls, Skype, in person meeting two or three times, if possible.

Ideally I’d like to communicate once a week for at least one hour on the phone or Skype. During the rest of the week, the mentee can contact me via email/social media with any questions or concerns about his/her work.


Please send two picture book manuscripts.

– Set a 1-inch margin on all sides

– Double-space

– Use Times New Roman, 12 point font

1. In the writing sample document, create a header with PAGE NUMBER AND SUBMISSION TITLE ONLY for each manuscript. Do not include your name or any other information on your document. Save the document as a PDF file named with YOUR SURNAME_TITLE. Example: Rowling_HarryPotter

2. In a separate document, provide written responses to the following questions. Create a header with PAGE NUMBER ONLY. Do not include your name or any other information on your document. Save your document as a PDF file named with YOUR SURNAME_ANSWERS. Example: Rowling_Answers

1. Why do you want a mentor?

2. What books and/or films make you laugh out loud?

3. What books and/or films, if any, have made you cry?

4. What are some of your favorite books as a child? How did they make you feel back then? How do they make you feel now?

5. As a writer, what do you believe are your strengths and weaknesses?

6. What goals do you wish to accomplish during the next six months? The next twelve months? The next five years?

3. Send your submission in an email with the subject line MENTOR BRADFORD to:

In the body of your email include:

– Your current SCBWI member name

– Address

– Contact phone numbers

– Email

– Title of your manuscripts

– Attach your 3 PDF files

4. Your complete entry must be emailed by 11:59pm (PST) on February 21, 2018. You will receive an auto-response stating that we have received your entry.

About Wade Bradford

Random House published Wade Bradford’s first picture book WHY DO I HAVE TO MAKE MY BED? in 2011.

Publishers Weekly said: “This book deserves a place on the shelves next to the Magic Bus series.”

Kirkus Reviews declared that Wade’s second book AROUND THE WORLD IN A BATHTUB “makes a splash with its lighthearted, global perspective on the ritual of bathing.”

Wade’s middle-grade adventure novel CAMP OMIGOSH debuted in 2015, published by Skyrocket Press.

Wade’s upcoming titles include PAPA BEAR’S PAGE FRIGHT (Peter Pauper), THERE’S A DINOSAUR ON THE 13TH FLOOR (Candlewick) and MR. COMPLAIN TAKES THE TRAIN (Clarion).

In addition to writing children’s books, Wade has penned over forty stage plays, many of which have been published by Eldridge Plays, Heuer Press, and Playscripts.

Wade graduated from CSUN with a BA in Creative Writing and a Masters in Literature. He teaches English at Moorpark College. You can find out more about Wade’s creative project by visiting his website:

Picture Books:

Why Do I Have to Make My Bed? (Random House 2011)

Around the World in a Bathtub (Charlesbridge 2017)

Papa Bear’s Page Fright (Peter Pauper Press 2018)

There’s a Dinosaur on the Thirteenth Floor (Candlewick 2018)

Mr. Complain Takes the Train (Clarion 2018)

“Ten years ago, I was attending my very first SCBWI conference. It was in Los Angeles, and it was overwhelming. I was surrounded by hundreds of creative geniuses and it felt inspiring yet humbling…and downright terrifying. At first I felt out of my league, as though I didn’t belong, and never would belong. By the end of the first day, so many people had encouraged me I had been nudged out of my introversion…and by the end of the conference I had developed new skills, new goals, a sharper focus, and a whole lot of confidence. Like so many others have said before: I found my tribe. Now, I would like to ‘pay it forward’ by becoming a mentor.”

— Wade Bradford